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How much will it cost for me to fish?
Here at Oakside Fishery we have frozen our pricing in the current ecomomic climate. Our price range has targeted affordability for a wide range of anglers.... for details go to the Pricing Page
Will i need a licence?
Yes you will need a fishing licence so before you come for your days fishing if you do not hold a current valid Fishing Licence. The price will depend on the type of licence and the period you wish to use it for ie day licence or annual licence these are explained in detail at Government Fishing Licence Please go to this website to purchase your licence.
What are the restrictions in force at Oakside?
No Tiger Nuts or Peanuts...No Carp in keep nets...Barbless hooks only...No LEAD Core... Maximum of 2 rods to be attended at all times...Use Common Sense....And what Brian says goes! You can contact Brian for information on what baits are fishing well on 07773224243
How many rods can i use?
Here at Oakside you may have a maximum of 2 rods in use which need to be attended at all times. Your licence must cover you for this amount of rods.Please be aware there can be a hefty fine upto £2500 from the Government Agency if you do not have the correct licence.
Where in Cornwall is Oakside Fishery?
Oakside Fishery is located in a mature shallow valley close to Whitecross which is approx 5 miles from the coastal town of Newquay in Cornwall. Map location in Cornwall and directions can be found on our CONTACT and DIRECTIONS PAGE

Can I fish overnight?
Yes you may on aquiring the correct ticket erect a bivvie tent to fish overnight at many of the generous bank fishing pegs located around the lake.
What facilities are available?
At Oakside there is ample parking very close to the lake with the addition of an access road track running alongsde a stretch of the lakes bank where less abled anglers can reach there chosen swim. In the carpark is a portaloo for all anglers.
What is the access like for wheelchair users?
Less abled anglers are happily welcomed here at Oakside Fishery. We may not be able to accommodate all but we will certainly try. Just call Brian on 07773224243 and give all your requirements and he will let you know if it is feesable for you to enjoy your visit.
Do you hold competitions?
We do on certain occasions but this is totaly up to the management on when these events will take place.
What is the recorded size of Carp?
The Oakside Lake has been stocked for many years now with some Carp in the 30lb + range. In addition you could catch good size Tench, Bream, Roach or Rudd depending upon your tactics.